Due to the growing workload, UvA Social Sciences Subject librarians Agnes Dessing (Political science), Janneke Staaks (Psychology, Anthropology, Child Development and Education) and Stefano Giani (Communication Science, Sociology) have decided to join their efforts and replace their subject specific blogs (Post(s) voor politicologen, Janneke zoekt and Bibliocw-soc) with a common one where, by alternating their contributions, they’ll be able to guarantee a (more) convenient publication frequency.

This blog aims, with posts both in Dutch and English:
– to answer library-related questions (searching/finding/evaluating information) which are relevant for the Social Sciences;
– to comment on news from the library and/or academic world which can be interesting for the Social Sciences.

As for the name/number: the call number of all books which will be available at the new UvA-library location Roeterseiland will begin with “333”. Hardly surprising when you consider that the two libraries being replaced by the new one, Bushuis and Pierson Révész, were identified with, respectively, “313” and “323”. Yet a nice figure, and an original one as well (that is, at WordPress), to name a library blog. Enjoy!



My name is Agnes Dessing and I’m the UvA-Subject librarian for Political Science. This means that I am in charge of the (digital) collection for Political Science and that I work with the Political Science Department to identify and address the library and information needs of staff and students. You can find my contact information here.
creaI am Janneke Staaks, and I’m an accidental librarian (former scientist) who loves working at the intersection of social science and the library world. I have been working at the UvA since 2009 and my subject areas are: Psychology, Anthropology, Child Development and Education. You can find my contact information here.


My name is stefanoStefano Giani, I come from Milano (Italy) and I have been working since 2002 at the Library of the University of Amsterdam. Since May 2010 I am Subject Librarian: Communication Science, Romance Languages and Sociology are the subjects I am responsible for. You can find my contact information here.

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