Handbooks of Communication Science available at the UvA Library

Edited by Peter J. Schulz (Università della Svizzera Italiana) and Paul Cobley (Middlesex University London), De Grutyer Moutons’s Handbooks of Communication Science is a 31-volumes series aimed “to present a comprehensive, state-of-the-art overview of the field [… and] at meeting the needs of undergraduates, postgraduates, academics and researchers across the area of communication studies”.

Twelve of the volumes (see links on the list below) have already been published and are now available online via the UvA Library (off-campus access possible for UvA-staff and -students). The forthcoming titles will in due time be added to the library collection.

Section 1: Theories and Models of Communication
• Volume 1: Theories and Models of Communication

Section 2: Messages, Codes and Channels
• Volume 2: Non-Verbal Communication
• Volume 3: Verbal Communication
• Volume 4: Visual Communication
• Volume 5: Communication and Technology

Section 3: Mode of Address, Communicative Situations and Contexts
• Volume 6: Interpersonal Communication
• Volume 7: Mediated Communication
• Volume 8: Organizational Communication
• Volume 9: Intercultural Communication

Section 4: Methodologies
• Volume 10: Content Analysis
• Volume 11: Experimental Research Methods
• Volume 12: Qualitative and Behavioural Research Methods
• Volume 13: Survey Methods

Section 5: Application areas
• Volume 14: Communication Laws and Policies
• Volume 15: Health Communication
• Volume 16: Communication and Learning
• Volume 17: Science Communication
• Volume 18: Political Communication
• Volume 19: Journalism
• Volume 20: Entertainment
• Volume 21: Mediatization of Communication
• Volume 22: Communication Competence
• Volume 23: Crisis Communication
• Volume 24: Communicating Safety and Risk
• Volume 25: Marketing Communications
• Volume 26: Communication and Media Ethics
• Volume 27: Public Relations
• Volume 28: Sports Communication
• Volume 29: Public Opinion
• Volume 30: Management and Economics of Communication

Section 6: Futures
• Volume 31: The Future of Communication Science

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