IHLIA at the UvA-Library Roeterseiland

Following the exhibition held earlier this year at the UvA-Library P.C. Hoofthuis, IHLIA LGBT Heritage, the LGBT-heritage organization of The Netherlands, is now presenting a selection from its collections at the Roeterseiland Campus Library.


While the display case on the first-floor landing (photo above) presents a choice of materials illustrating the variety and significance of the IHLIA collections – and will therefore have a more permanent character – the display cases in the reading room on the second floor (photo below) will be filled with items referring to the exhibitions programme at IHLIA main venue (IHLIA-square/IHLIA-plein, Central Public Library Amsterdam, 6th floor), and as such will periodically be changed.

The current show – and the related materials at the UvA-Library – is Queering Zuidoost, devoted to the presence and visibility of the LGBT community in the Amsterdam Zuidoost district (often referred to as ‘the Bijlmer’).


Directions and opening times Roeterseiland Campus Library: here.

More on IHLIA, its history and collections: here.

Photo’s: Gemma Rameckers, exhibitions curator at IHLIA.

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