Delayed open access: Longitudinal and Life Course Studies

LLCS 2011Last june, upon request of Herman van de Werfhorst, professor of Sociology, the UvA-library has taken a subscription to LLCS Longitudinal and life course studies.

Considering the journal’s policy of Delayed Open Access («the contents will be available in an open access format 12 month(s) after an issue is published»), the subscription makes it possible for UvA-staff and -students to access the journal’s articles without the twelve months’ restriction.

As for the journal’s focus and scope (given that «longitudinal research involves the follow up of individuals, households, communities or other groups over time [while] life course study focuses on the influences that shape the pathways from conception to adult life and old age»), «papers are sought reporting research and methodological development […] on topics that include, for example: studies of the processes of development and aging including gene-environment interaction; social, cognitive and economic returns to education; origins and consequences of disabling conditions; life course outcomes of early intervention; origins and consequences of social exclusion; comparisons of processes and outcomes over time, between generations, cohorts and countries and between studies».

Off-campus access to the journal’s last twelve monthsis is only possible for UvA-students and -staff (please see here for more information).

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