Open Access News Update

The negotiations with Elsevier have come to a halt. If the situation stays like this, we’ll have access to Elsevier journal articles up until 2014 next year (and further on). More news can be found here (UvA staff only)

The UvA library has purchased 100 PeerJ lifetime publishings plans for UvA researchers. PeerJ is a peer reviewed open access journal and will soon be included in Web of Science. This also means that PeerJ will get an impact factor, based on the citations in 2014. Next to the impact factor, PeerJ also offers article-level metrics (which is, in my view, a better way to say something about the impact of an individual article) and fast publishing times. PeerJ is a multidisciplinary journal, and therefore also relevant for the social sciences. If you’re a UvA researcher and interested in a lifetime publishing plan, you can contact Saskia Woutersen

Symposium Open Access: The new beginning?

In case you missed the open access symposium, all the information can be found here. My personal favorites were:

Theses database
UvA theses in Scripties Online can soon (but not yet!) be found in a national theses database (also named SCRIPTIES-ONLINE, but with capital letters. And why not. They are a bigger database)

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