New in the UvA ebook-collections: Blackwell companions and other reference works

The following titles must have proved so popular with students at the previous library location (Bushuis), that – when organizing the move to the new library past summer – we could find none of them left in the shelves. Purchasing the Blackwell titles as e-books sounded then as a sensible choice both in terms of accessibility and… ‘durability’.

The Blackwell companion to social movements (2004)
The Blackwell dictionary of modern social thought (2006; 2nd ed)
The new Blackwell companion to social theory (2009)
The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to major social theorists: classical theorists (2011)
The Wiley-Blackwell companion to sociology (2012)
The Wiley Blackwell companion to the sociology of families (2014)


The same reasons of accessibility and durability, together with the need to meet the space limits imposed on the print collections at the new library, motivated the purchase of the following other reference works («a source of factual information (originally a printed work, but now also an electronic resource) intended for research or consultation on individual matters rather than continuous reading», according to the Oxford English Dictionary, and in case you don’t know the term yet… or you don’t know its meaning anymore).

The A-Z of social science research: a dictionary to key social science research concepts (2003)
Dictionary of marketing communications (2004)
Propaganda and mass persuasion: a historical encyclopedia, 1500 to the present (2003)
The Routledge handbook of health communication (2011)
Routledge handbook of sport and new media (2014)
The SAGE handbook of media studies (2004)

Access restrictions to e-books are possible off-campus. If you are UvA-student or staff, please check the UvA-library site for information on off-campus access.

Photo: reference works on the shelf and via the computer (from the website of the University of Gloucestershire).

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