Access to the UvA online resources from home or a mobile device

To access our online resources from outside the university (either from a desktop at home or a mobile device) you need to enter the UvA-domain. For UvA students and staff there are three ways to accomplish this. The first two options are really convenient if you are not able to install software on your device. The third one works best for heavy duty searching or if you also need to use your network drive.

1. Start at the library website
It is as simple as that. Once you try to access a source that is only available from within the UvA domain a pop-up will appear. If you log in with your UvAnetID you’ll be able to access the ebook, article or database.

The following webpages are convenient starting points;

If you encounter any problems, please let our colleagues from UBAcoach know or go to the nearest library desk for assistance.

2. Google Scholar
In Google Scholar you need to adjust your settings:
1. Click on Settings
2. Select Library links
3. Search for Amsterdam
4. Checkmark the UvA and press Save

Once you’ve done this, UvA linker will appear in Google Scholar, and the first time you click on UvA-linker during a session the pop-up will appear, requesting your UvAnetID

3. UvAvpn
Download the UvAvpn software once and activate it before each browser session. You can find the manual in the A-Z list on the employee or student site.

UvAvpn is a service of the Central Computer Services (IC). In case of technical problems, please contact their servicedesk.

More information about wireless internet for staff and students on campus.
Not a UvA employee or student? Click here to find more information on how to access our collections.

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